Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vacation 2012, The Adventure Continues...

Day 3: Little Tadpoles!
Monday was mostly spent with the boys in the pool. Jack and Ezra suddenly decided they were independent enough to swim with their floaties by themselves. Ezra got enough confidence to use his new floaties instead of his younger cousin, Juliana's, swim trainer. Jack, who had panicked whenever he was let go of in the pool, finally realized he could float on his own! They were just so stinkin' cute swimming all over the place! They look too little to do that, but at the same time, they look so big doing it! I posted a video of them swimming, and Josh's grandma said they looked like little tadpoles--she was so right!
Eliana continued to enjoy her swing outside. She seems to be adjusting to being outdoors more. I worried at first, because she was so sensitive to heat. Her precious skin would start getting bumps as soon as it was exposed to the heat, but now it barely seems to react. I'm very thankful!
All the kiddos joined Uncle Jon (or, Dad, for Jack and Juli) on the small sand bar next to our house to look for seashells and crabs. At one point, Jon gave Jack and Ezra snails to hold, but they got pretty freaked out when the snails started to suck on their fingers. Ezra was telling everybody about the snail that 'bit' him...the story kept getting bigger and bigger until the snail was a crab that "bit his finger off," ha!
The kids on the sand bar (my camera fogged up, oops!)
Jon is constantly finding some sort of critter for the kids...snails, crabs, lizards...the list goes on!
Possibly the most 'chill' baby ever.
Monday night, we went to Nevarre Beach to do a short 'preview' trip with the kiddos. They seemed to have a blast, but Ezra got upset when his shorts/underwear got wet (which made sand stick to him, which made him pretty uncomfortable). I can't say I blame him, especially since he was tired too. The best thing about this trip was we found out baby powder works wonders at removing sand from toddlers (and grownups too)! Or maybe the best thing was getting "sno balls" on the way home. I got a 'dump cake' sno ball--cherry, pineapple, and cake batter flavors with cream on top--yum! We're going to have to get at least one more before we go home!

Ezra on the beach Monday night. He is obsessed with finding seashells--I LOVE it! :)
Day 4: "I think we've found paradise!"
On Tuesday, we were ready to hit the beach! We left around 8:30 and decided to try the state park stretch of beach, further down the island of Nevarre. We had to pay $8 to get a pass for the week, but it was SO worth it! There were only 4 other people on the beach besides us! And man, oh man, was it beautiful!! The water was perfect, it wasn't too hot, and we had a fabulous time.
I'd love to post the pictures I took. I have some absolutely phenomenal ones of Eliana looking amazingly adorable...but I forgot that my SD card was still in the computer from that morning's blogging/photo posting and the pictures I took were saved to my camera. The good news is, I can transfer them to the computer and share them with the rest of the world once we get home. The bad news is, you have to wait until then to see the cutest pictures ever. Sorry. I'm just as sad about this as you are...
Eliana did so well at the beach. She didn't fuss a bit! She may have been a little unsure at first, but she nursed right after we got everything set up, and I think she decided as long as the food was still coming with us, the beach worked for her. I laid her on my comfy beach towel under an umbrella and she chilled there almost the whole time. Towards the end of our time there, she wanted to be held, but no major meltdowns or anything. Side note: We used a cloth diaper that matched her swimsuit with no leaks or sand issues, yay! (I may do a post about cloth diapers at the beach sometime in the future.)
Ezra and Jack loved the beach, whether they were swimming or combing the beach for seashells or other treasures. Ezra did some body surfing, courtesy Josh's and Josh's dad's backs. I was informed that he did fall off twice. I'm just really glad I didn't know that until after the fact (and it still made me nervous/slightly sick to my stomach then).
Juliana was happier on the sand than in the water, preferably in her beach chair with a snack and some juice beside her mommy.
That night, Jack wasn't feeling too well, but Ezra and Juliana hit the jacuzzi tub, filled to the top with bubbles. I have some video of them dancing that is to soooo hilarious!
I'm aware that I'm still a day behind on this vacation log, but hey, that's pretty good for someone who is busy nursing, rounding up a toddler, making sure our laundry isn't overflowing (which it still is, unfortunately), and trying to relax as much as possible. :)
P.S. Thanks SO much to all the fabulous family members who have been helping with Ezra (I feel like I can actually pay Eliana some attention) or holding my sweet Ellie girl while I run to the bathroom or take a nap!

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