Friday, February 15, 2013

Rhea Lana's Spring 2013--The BEST Sale Yet!

If you've followed this blog for long, you now know I am a huge fan of Rhea Lana's of Jonesboro.

Today I'd like to share some of the awesome deals I've scored through consignment shopping! I used to check deal sites daily and now, I just delete my daily reminder emails because I know I can get better deals at Rhea Lana's. I also subscribe to several name brand and boutique children's email newsletters...which also end up deleted. Even at "70% off," I can usually do better at RL! :)

Last year, I found these awesome deals:

Ezra's deals, including dress shirts, several long sleeve shirts,
'pirate' holiday pajamas, and a short sleeve tee that said "Who you callin' short?"
(of course he needed that, lol)

Most of the shirts looked new (some were)

Kidorable Pirate Raincoat!!!
I have wished for one of these for him for soooo long!!!
It was $10 instead of the $25 most stores wanted!

Part 1 of Eliana's awesome finds, including a Brand NEW
Mud Pie Christmas outfit!!!

Part 2 of Eliana's stash--that brown dress with striped sleeves
is a $70 dress!! I paid $7 and it was like new!
Note that some of these items still had tags as well.

I also got several NEW Melissa and Doug toys for a great price that I put up and gave to Ezra for Christmas! There will be even more of these items at this year's sale!

I went to drop of my items for consignment at the new location (the old Rowsey Furniture building) last night. I was very impressed with the new location. At first it looked like there was less merchandise than the last sale, but then I realized there was just tons more room! AND there is still one more day of consignor drop off (today).

I'm looking forward to shopping early (more info on how to shop early here) Saturday and looking forward to the best sale yet--it just keeps getting better each time!

Consigning and dropping off your items today? Make sure to read my "Tips & Tricks" in this post!

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Are you consigning, volunteering, or shopping with Rhea Lana's of Jonesboro this sale?

What are you looking forward to most?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Special Valentine From Rhea Lana's of Jonesboro--with tips & tricks for consignors!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but Rhea Lana's is giving you an early Valentine--TWO extra days to enter your items! The original deadline of midnight Tuesday has been extended to Thursday (Valentine's Day) at midnight!

This gives you two more days to enter your items. If you hadn't gotten started or had more items that you wanted to add but didn't think you'd have time (inevitably I find a few extra items once I think I'm done), now is the time to do it! Sign up here now!

Signing up to consign is quick and easy, you make 70% off your items, and you can use the Unsold Items Guarantee (Rhea Lana's exclusive guarantee--why I only consign with them)!
Items must be tagged with labels printed by RL at check-in in order to receive the unsold item guarantee.

Still don't have time or items to consign? Consider volunteering to get into the sale early and nab some of the best deals! See the different ways you can volunteer here. Sign up for a shift here!

Don't worry, even if you don't have time to consign or volunteer, there will still be TONS of fantastic items for you to buy during the public sale!

For those of you who are already consignors or have now decided to consign, The Adventures of The Davis' Blog has a special treat for you! I'm going to share some of my personal consignment tips! The Jonesboro Rhea Lana's website also has a section for tips on merchandise prep here.

Being a visual person, I have included plenty of pictures to go along with my tips! The clothing guidelines are very well illustrated on the Rhea Lana's site, so I will pay attention to accessories, such as toys, diaper bags, and nursing pillows.

Toys and Accessories: Tips & Tricks!

1. Make sure they are CLEAN. No one wants to buy a toy that is dirty or has yellowed with age. These will not sell--especially since there are often multiples of the same toys or baby gear products at the sale. When you think of the cleanliness of your item, consider the fact that it could be placed right next to an item just like it that is in pristine condition. (Also consider this point when you are pricing your items.)

2. Your main goal once your toys and accessories are clean and ready to sell is to keep the tag on! It is disappointing for the shopper who wants to purchase your item but can't and it is disappointing for you, the consignor, when your items don't sell because the tag is lost and there is no way to know who the item belonged to, so the sale can't be credited to the correct person!

The following tips will help you keep your tags stay ON so you can sell your items!

Basic Supplies
Ziploc Big Bags (I used the XL size), Zip Ties (I used medium),
Hang Tags (the same you use for your clothing items),
and Safety Pins (the large ones tend to work better for toys and
accessories), not pictured: clear packing tape and a Sharpie marker 

If you have warranties or any other papers that go along with your toys, use a standard sandwich or quart size Ziploc bag to contain them and then attach them to your items using tape or zip ties. I also use the smaller bags to contain accessories to the toys (small cars, etc.) so that they don't get lost during the sale. If I do this, I also make sure to put the hang tag inside the small bag and loop it through the zip tie!
Another tip I use is to add an extra piece of clear packing tape somewhere else on the item with my consignor number, the item number from my inventory sheet, and the price. This way if the hang tag does get removed, the item can still be sold because they can find the information in the computer system!
Fur Real Tiger with warranty and bottle accessories attached with
zip ties. Since it has a soft ear, I attached the hang tag with a safety pin,
but then I added clear packing tape to keep the hanging tag close to the
tiger so that it would be less likely to be removed.

Note the extra piece of packing tape with the information listed above.
I also added a zip tie to the warranty and looped it around the center wheel.
It is also taped down, and I taped down the hang tag on the top and wrote
the above information there as well.

Using zip ties and small plastic bags to contain warranties and accessories,
and I wrote the info mentioned above onto each bag.
I also put the hang tags inside the bags, making sure to loop them
through the zip ties--those tags aren't going anywhere!

Consignor info & price on the tape holding down the hang tag.
Notice how I always try to put the top of the hang tag under the tape
so it won't be pulled from the string easily.
Sometimes toy sets work better if they are all bagged together. My Fisher Price farm set would have likely lost some accessories if I hadn't used an XL bag...

I used the writing section to put my consignor info and the price,
then used clear packing tape to tape the hang tag to the bag.

It's a little difficult to see, but I wrapped the top of the bag around to fit
the toy set, then sealed it with clear packing tape to keep it from being
opened and losing accessories!

You can still see all the accessories just fine and now they will all
stay together and nothing will be lost!
Diaper Bags
You will want to hang these on a hanger, but I didn't worry so much about attaching them to the hanger since I wanted shoppers to be able to get a good look at them. I looped the straps around the strap sections of the hangers (the hangers with the little loops for straps work better than those that are just straight along the top).
I didn't want to put a pin through my bags because of the material, so I put the pin through the loops on the side straps and then taped down the string and top section of the hang tag onto the right side of the bag (right side, since that's how people will browse through them, just like clothes).
Like my toys, I also put an extra piece of packing tape with my consignor info, item number, and the price on each bag, just in case the hang tag was accidentally pulled off.
If your bag has long straps, like a messenger style bag, be sure to shorten the straps enough so that your bag isn't dragging the floor or getting lost beneath a row of other bags.

Straps looped through the strap slots on the hanger.
You could still add large safety pins to keep the bag on the
 hanger. I would suggest further down on the straps so that
shoppers can still open and see inside the bag.

Hang tag pinned to loop on side strap and then taped by the string
and top of the hang tag.

Nursing Pillows
I tagged these so many different ways. I wanted to be sure that people could look at them without my information being lost.
First, I used a safety pin to pin a hang tag with my consignor info, item number to the pillow itself.
Then, I used clear packing tape with the same information on the tag of the pillow.
I placed the pillow into an XL Ziploc bag and wrote all that info on the writing section with a Sharpie.
Finally, I taped the hang tag onto the front of the bag by the writing section.
Overkill? Probably...but there is NO way my info will be lost now! :)
These guidelines could also be applied to other large items that need to be bagged.

Hang tag pinned to pillow w/ info.
Info on clear packing tape on tag of pillow

Pillow placed into an XL Ziploc bag;
hang tag taped to the front, by the writing section,
which contains all the info listed above

I hope these tips and tricks help you with your consigning! If you have any questions about the items in this post or prepping other items, please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page. The Rhea Lana's Facebook page is always there to help too!
Happy consigning and shopping!!