Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Momentous Occasion...and a Last Time I Didn't Know Would Be The Last.

Today is a momentous day.

Ellie slept through the night in her own bed. As I was singing her "wulla-by" song to her
last night, I realized it was one of those last time things...where you don't realize something will be the last time. I can't remember the last time I rocked her to sleep specifically. She's outgrowing naps (unless she falls asleep in the car or is just exhausted that day) and I haven't put her to bed as much now that I work some nights.

The transition to her bed has been pretty easy so far (knock on wood), but she has been getting more and more independent lately, so she was ready and I haven't been pushing her-especially since she's my baby. We have tried the transition before without success and I just don't think she was ready.

This morning, Josh leaned over to kiss me goodbye and swept the bed with his phone for light, trying to find her and asked where she was. I said, "In her bed!" He said, "Ho...lee. Crap."
Anyone who knows our children and their sleep (or non-sleep) lives understands his amazement!

I awoke before Josh left for work and felt RESTED this morning. Not the case when one of the kids is in bed with me, although I do appreciate the snuggles! I went into the kids room to do the mandatory "Are they still breathing?" check and Ellie stirred. I thought, "Oh, great job, Mom! Now she will be upset and I'll need to take her to bed with me and get her back to sleep before starting my day early for once!" Not the case!

She looked around a bit, asked me where her doll was, I gave her the doll, she tucked her into the blankets and went back to sleep! I realize this may sound totally benign or normal to others, but it was like a miracle for this house! #youdontknowmylife #thestruggleforsleepisREAL

If I can get her to slow down enough today, I am TOTALLY going to snuggle that tiny girl up in a blanket in the rocking chair and not let her go for quite a while. In fact, her big brother faces the same fate...if he will be still long enough!

My phone won't upload new pics at the moment, so here are some sleeping pics from earlier in the year...

Christmas morning 2014

Sleepy head sleeping on her mama

Sleeping in her favorite spot with her favorite guy

Naptime, aka, the only time she slept in her bed
(and only if I was lucky enough to transition her there)

I like to take sleeping pics of my babies, obviously. 

They just look like such angels when they sleep!
Yeah...so...as I was posting this, a tiny girl came to climb into bed with me because her arm hurts (it fell asleep). Of course, there's a part of my mommy self that was thinking,  "Yay!" A pretty big part.

Dark, pixelated, no makeup, early morning selfie
and I couldn't care less because this could be another
LAST TIME...although I certainly hope not!