Friday, July 26, 2013

One of those days/The little things

It's not even 9 am and already it's been "one of those days."
One of those days when...
Our bank account balance is terrifying
I was up half the night with Ezra, who had growing pains, rubbing his legs and feet
Ellie was up and ready  to go early
Both kids spent the past two hours crying or whining about 90% of the time
Ellie needed to sit on me and hit the camera as I took pictures of toys I'm trying to sell
A toy elephant scared Elle and I had to hold her for half an hour she was so terrified (side note: toy elephant for sale)
Ellie's diaper leaked and she has some bumps in her diaper area that are wigging me out
Ellie also has a rough pink patch of skin that I'm terrified is eczema on her wrist
My face is so broken out I feel hideous and it's painful (new skin care on the way, praying it gets here asap)
Update: got an email immediately after posting this that my products are on backorder. Customer service rep said it could be one day or a week before they get more to ship out, yay...
It's that time of the month (only the second since having Ellie and it's been a tough one)
I just want a shower sooooo badly
...and some money
...and everything to magically get done today
...and a full night's sleep for the first time in 4 years.
Yup, I went full selfishness on that last one! I think it expresses my current level of ickiness and frustration, though.
Life isn't all bad. I have two beautiful children, a hot husband who I happen to like a lot, and vacation is coming up soon (praying I make tons of money at Rhea Lana to help with that)!
There have been some MAJOR blessings around here lately too. I'm just venting and being realistic for a moment. I know this day will get better, God will find ways to show me how big He is and give me grace and patience to endure, and everything will be alright. I am truly blessed and I know these little troubles are just that-little to a mighty and faithful God who cares about even the little things, thank goodness.
I got a shower, yay! Now my PayPal account won't verify so I can participate in an auction tonight, though, boo. :(
Oh well, gotta get to work instead of being glum!