Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On An Island in the Sun...

Florida 2013... so much chaos, so much fun!

Highlights from the drive here...
*Ezra and Juliana getting into a heated debate over whether or not she could be Santa Claus (Ezra said she couldn't because she was a girl...)
*Two out of four cars taking an unintentional detour (all's well that ends well!)
*Ezra, Jack, and Juli all rode in Granpoo and Nana's car...bless their hearts!
*Ellie did pretty well, only getting really upset twice. A massage from mommy, some cuddles, and the VBS soundtrack on CD solved about 80-90% of the fussiness.

*Lots of swimming in the pool. As soon as Ezra got his swim rings on, he jumped in the pool and started swimming and he didn't stop!
*It rained off and on all day, making the pool pretty cold, but try telling that to toddlers (Jack and Ezra anyway)...
*Cranium...enough said. I love my in-laws! Oh, and my team (women vs. guys) won! :)

*Ezra's swimming confidence even stronger!
*Went to the beach for the first time this trip...Ellie was not a fan.
*No Cranium...we were all too tired! I fell asleep on accident when El did (she had barely napped all day and I was exhausted).

*Huge Adventure time...Josh, Jon, Larry, and Spencer took the three amigos for a boat ride to 'pirate island.' Instead, a storm blew up and they had to take a detour, tie down the boats and run for cover with three kiddos 3 and under! Jamie and Colin drove to the rescue. I'm not going to lie, this momma was scared! So thankful for the Lord's protection and provision!!
*Ezra passed out around 6 pm and didn't wake up again until 11 pm!
*Cranium again...and my team (Josh, Colin, me) won again! ;)

*SUCCESSFUL Pirate Island trip...we even made a 'treasure map' for the kids and hid a 'treasure chest' (cardboard box slightly decorated and filled with coins and gummy bears) in the sand. I don't have pictures of this yet, but Spencer took some.
*Back to the beach-We were going to cook out (we go to a National Park area) but there weren't grills at the park (we all swore they had them before), so we played for a while and took walks. There were hundreds of sea slugs washed up on the shore. Very interesting...and slightly gross. One inked on Jack's hand when he was holding it, and he had a purple hand! Ezra played in the waves with Josh and Logan.
*It was our night to cook, so we made hot dogs for everyone when we returned from the beach. I hooked up a speaker to my phone and played the Disney station on Pandora while we ate outside. I took it upon myself to start a dance party with the kids. Jack wasn't very interested, but Ezra, Juli, and Ellie were!
Juliana ended up dancing until she fell asleep and Eliana wasn't far behind her.
*I fell asleep on accident again!

A few of my favorite vacation shots so far...

Ezra and Juli fishing

El and Josh...I just love them!! 
She is so full of wonder! 
Ezra and his first fish! (caught on Juli's pole, lol)
Leaving for Pirate Island (my lens fogged up)
My sweet girl and I stayed home and took some pretty pictures.
She's so precious!
...and yes, in case anyone is wondering, I am taking way more pictures of El than Ez. Why? He is WAY more busy and hard to capture on camera these days! She is much more cooperative (if I can click fast enough).

Well, it's 1 am and I'm only up because I fell asleep on accident when I put Ellie to sleep and hadn't put on pajamas or anything...I think it's time for me to (re)hit the sack!