Saturday, July 14, 2012

5 Ways to Help Your Local Community at 1 Event!

Ok, you've all heard me rave about Rhea Lana's before, but did you know that you can help your community just by shopping the event? I've come up with 5 ways shopping Rhea Lana's will do this, and I'm sure there are more!

Rhea Lana's is a premier consignment event! The fall sale will take place at the ASU Convocation Center, August 9-11. See their website for more information (including information on how to get into the sale early)!

Without further adieu...Here are 5 ways I've been able to help as a consignor, shopper, and volunteer for the past 2 years:

How shopping Rhea Lana's fall sale will help your local community:

1. You will be supporting local moms.
The items you'll be buying are being sold by local moms. Consignors make 70% of the proceeds from their sales. This means even more to me now, as a stay-at-home mom! You could be helping someone be able to remain a SAHM with their children, just by shopping!

2. You can support yourself too!
Speaking of local moms, why not support yourself too? Consign to make money for yourself, clear out all the clutter from your kids' closets, and find designer clothes for amazing prices to fill those closets back up again! Rhea Lana's is actually a "green" business, since it prevents tons of clothing waste each year.

3. Keep money in our community instead of traveling for certain stores or brands.
We are lucky to live in a community with plenty of businesses offering many different brands, but there are still some stores and brands that just aren't offered in our immediate area. Instead of driving a few hours to get Gymboree or boutique brand clothing (which would mean extra money spent on gas to get there), you can go to a true "one-stop shop" with access to tons of brands, all in one spot! Not to mention, you will spend much less (sometimes on brand new items). I have to admit, I have bought some high-quality items from brand names I'd never even heard of, only to find out later that they were an expensive brand! For example, I got a dress for my daughter for $10. It was originally marked $20, but the seller had decided to allow it to go half price during the half price sale. I was actually trying to stock up on as many items as possible at this sale, but this dress was just too adorable to pass up. After getting home, I looked up the brand, and this was a $70 dress. I didn't mind paying $10 after that!

4. Unsold clothes are given to those in need.
Consignors are given the option to donate unsold clothing on an item-by-item basis, so you only donate items you designate. Any items that are not picked up after the sale are also donated. The best part about this is that the donated items are given to people in need in your community. The Jonesboro Rhea Lana's event donates their items to Motherhood, the Pregnancy Resource Center, and The CALL.

5. Local businesses are featured at the sale.
Local businesses sponsor and are featured at the Rhea Lana's sale. Jonesboro Rhea Lana's is sponsored by Small World Big Fun, Pizza Works, Roman Touch Salon and Spa, and Dr. Ken Woods, DDS. In addition, Rhea Lana's will feature several vendors at the event. These will be small businesses with all sorts of products to offer, perfectly suited for moms and kids! Past events have featured everything from hair accessories to personalized lunch bags, and this year's event is looking to feature even more variety!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to consign now, or at least mark your calendar to attend the fall sale event. You'll not only be scoring some incredible deals, but helping your community at the same time!

Can you think of any other ways that the Rhea Lana's sale helps our community? Like I said, I'm sure there are more--these are just the ones that immediately came to mind.

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