Friday, February 15, 2013

Rhea Lana's Spring 2013--The BEST Sale Yet!

If you've followed this blog for long, you now know I am a huge fan of Rhea Lana's of Jonesboro.

Today I'd like to share some of the awesome deals I've scored through consignment shopping! I used to check deal sites daily and now, I just delete my daily reminder emails because I know I can get better deals at Rhea Lana's. I also subscribe to several name brand and boutique children's email newsletters...which also end up deleted. Even at "70% off," I can usually do better at RL! :)

Last year, I found these awesome deals:

Ezra's deals, including dress shirts, several long sleeve shirts,
'pirate' holiday pajamas, and a short sleeve tee that said "Who you callin' short?"
(of course he needed that, lol)

Most of the shirts looked new (some were)

Kidorable Pirate Raincoat!!!
I have wished for one of these for him for soooo long!!!
It was $10 instead of the $25 most stores wanted!

Part 1 of Eliana's awesome finds, including a Brand NEW
Mud Pie Christmas outfit!!!

Part 2 of Eliana's stash--that brown dress with striped sleeves
is a $70 dress!! I paid $7 and it was like new!
Note that some of these items still had tags as well.

I also got several NEW Melissa and Doug toys for a great price that I put up and gave to Ezra for Christmas! There will be even more of these items at this year's sale!

I went to drop of my items for consignment at the new location (the old Rowsey Furniture building) last night. I was very impressed with the new location. At first it looked like there was less merchandise than the last sale, but then I realized there was just tons more room! AND there is still one more day of consignor drop off (today).

I'm looking forward to shopping early (more info on how to shop early here) Saturday and looking forward to the best sale yet--it just keeps getting better each time!

Consigning and dropping off your items today? Make sure to read my "Tips & Tricks" in this post!

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Are you consigning, volunteering, or shopping with Rhea Lana's of Jonesboro this sale?

What are you looking forward to most?

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