Monday, August 27, 2012

Things I would have missed...

This year marks the only 'first day of school' I have missed since I went to Kindergarten (save the year when I was 7 months pregnant with Ezra--not very 'hire-able,' ha).
And I couldn't be happier. Or feel more blessed!

Here are a few things I would have missed, had I been at work today...

*Ezra waking me up by singing, "You're my best friend. You're my best friend!"

*Eliana waking up with a HUGE smile on her face, giggling away!

*A mini dance party with Ezra during the end credits of The Lorax (dancing during credits is a little tradition I started with him) :)

*Taking Ezra to the post office for the first time. He helped me by carrying one of the packages, and got plenty of attention from the postal workers as he stomped around his rain boots, which he insisted he wear.

*Ezra flirting with the Senior citizens at Walmart ;) {Another perk of being home is that I can go to the store during the day when it's less crowded, unless it's full of Senior citizens, and they are so sweet!}

*Eliana learning to splash in the tub--she loves it!!

*Teaching Ezra to sort his sorting kangaroos by color onto different pieces of construction paper (yay, homeschooling!)

*Having time to find preschool activities to do with Ezra (and actually having time to do them)

*Looking up plenty of ideas for Ezra's 3rd birthday party (Yes, it's early, but at least there's a possibility I'll get it all done this year!)

*About a million other sweet little moments that I couldn't possibly have time to list here...

P.S. My husband is ever-more my hero for allowing God to guide us into this decision of me staying home and for working so hard every day so that we can get by. I feel my love for him deepening daily! Every little sweet moment (and even the not so nice ones, like toddler tantrums and potty accidents) reminds me of what a great sacrifice he has made for us. Love you, honey!!

More posts on our preschool activities to follow...stay tuned! ;)

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