Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just waiting and preparing...

We are pretty much to the 'waiting game' period of pregnancy these days. Ellie is due in 9 days (which I know can mean anytime within a 2 week period prior or following that date). School will be out after Wednesday, so I'm hoping she hangs out until then. I still have some paperwork to do, packing in my classroom to finish, and a talent show to rock out with the first grade teachers (no worries, we'll be sitting down as we sing--didn't want to go into labor with too much choreography, ha). I'm thinking of scheduling my mani/pedi that Josh got me for Mother's Day on that Thursday as a "stayed pregnant until the end of school" hurrah. :)
I've been pretty "nest-y" this week. Trying to organize anything and everything, at school and at home, especially in Ellie's room. Today I got some more organization done in her room--de-cluttered the changing table (it had become sort of a catch-all), took out some stuff that didn't belong in there (a box of books and some old computer accessories), put the newborn cloth diapers onto her changing table, put some of the newborn clothes into her dresser and got some more ready to hang on a shelf that isn't yet on the wall, and rearranged the furniture (with Josh's help, of course).
Now it looks like the bare bones of a nursery. Painted walls and furniture--check. Accessories? In the correct vicinity, but not yet arranged.
Ezra and I went to Jonesboro today to get a sheet for Eliana's crib and while we were in town, I figured we'd make the best of the trip since we don't go out very often and I'm sure it will be a long time before I brave such a trip with both children in tow. We went to Hobby Lobby first, since it is the place Ez seems to lose interest fastest. He actually enjoyed himself looking at cloth diaper accessories (yes, cloth diaper fabric, snaps, etc. are now available at Hobby Lobby--be still my heart!!) and things like drawer pulls (that may sound strange, but hey, he's a curious two year old). We were able to get a memo board for Ellie's room that I had wanted before but at the time it hadn't been on sale. Now it was clearanced--score! :)
After Hobby Lobby, we went to Target to get the sought-after crib sheet and also a new nursing bra for me. I still have the ones I used with Ez, but figured they'd seen better days for sure and I'd need a new one sooner or later, so I might as well use the giftcard I had from a baby shower. Ezra also managed to get a giant chocolate chunk cookie, go figure. ;)
I decided that since he was in such a good mood that I would walk the mall to help me get exercise/give us one last chance to do something just the two of us while we still could. We picked out two pairs of sunglasses for him at Children's Place. I wanted to get him some for our Florida trip and I've felt bad for him squinting in the back of the car a few times lately. Crazy 8 had an adorable sun hat for Ellie that just happened to match the bathing suit I got her at a consignment sale and it was on clearance, so that was purchased as well. A few stores down, Hallmark was closing and everything in the store was half off and I was able to get Josh's and Josh's dad's Father's Day gifts.
On the way out, we stopped by Gearhead Outfitters because I'd heard they had a big selection of TOMS. Wow, whoever told me that was not kidding! They had two walls, plus a table of the Tiny TOMS. It took every shred of self-control I had to not buy Ezra a pair of black shoes with skulls and crossbones. When he saw them, he said, "Pirate shoes!" I told him we'd have to come back and get those later, with Daddy's permission. ;) Ok, maybe it didn't take every shred of self-control, since I knew that he wasn't in dire need of shoes right now and I'd rather be able to stay at home with him wearing Walmart shoes than in debt or working for him to wear this cool pair. Plus, that's what grandmas are for, right? (Just kidding, folks.)
The awesome "pirate shoes."

Speaking of staying home, I'll be sure to do a post about my recent career change soon. I'm just pretty sure it will be a time-consuming and emotional project and I just want to finish up with school before I get too involved in it.

I'll leave you with a few pics of the bare bones of the nursery. SO much left to do to make it adorable, but at least the heavy stuff is moved around! :)
Not the best lighting, but wanted to get a shot of the room color and prove that there is furniture in there now. The glider will eventually be replaced (or at least covered, the red basket is going to be exchanged for a pink one, and the Sterlite tub is on its way out. The shelves and the memo board are on their way up...eventually. :)

trash can, diaper pail, changing table (clear container is birth supply box, which is on its way to our bedroom)

Some fluffy cuteness for all my CDing mamas out there. ;)

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