Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Boy's Best Friend

No, it's not a puppy. It's a dragon. :)
Ezra has apparently developed his first imaginary friend. I think it shows he has a great imagination and that he'll be ready to read earlier. Don't ask me specifics on that second part, I just enjoy believing it! ;) {I do know that imagination and reading/writing go hand in hand and there is lots of research to back that up.}

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent Ezra this morning. Yes, I am well aware that my toddler can't read or check his email, but someday he will, and he'll probably be very embarrassed by how 'adorable' I rave about him being, but he'll hopefully appreciate them on some level.

You seem to have an imaginary friend. His name is Dragon, so we assume he is a dragon. You had watched How to Train Your Dragon at Jack's house, so for a while I thought you were talking about something you played with Jack. You would sort of interchange the names Jack and Dragon. To be sure, I asked you a few questions the next time you brought up Dragon.We were on our way to Jack's house one morning and you said something about him, so I asked where he was. You said he was outside. I asked where and you pointed to outside the car window.
That afternoon, we were outside and you were playing with some rocks when you mentioned him again. I didn't want to bring him up and make you obsessed with having this imaginary friend, but since you brought it up, I asked you a few questions. You told me he was red when I asked you what color he was and that he was big when I asked if he was big or little. When I asked where he was, you pointed to another point in the yard and said he was watching "t.b." (TV). Later, when I wanted to go inside you wanted to watch TV with Dragon. Then in a bit you wanted to give him the rest of your blue popsicle. Wanting to see how that would pan out, I told you you could and you walked around the side of the house to the front yard, but got distracted talking about our new tree (we had a different one but it got a disease, so Granpoo got us a new one). I asked where Dragon was, and you said he was hiding in the grass. Then you played Peek-a-boo with him. Total preciousness. You were quickly back to the subject of the new tree--you are pretty obsessed with trees, especially after watching The Lorax in theaters (that is a whole other story of adorableness).
Mimi kept you the next day and I let her know what you'd told me about Dragon so far and asked her not to bring him up but to just see if you did. She said you brought him up once while playing and once when you went to the potty. She said you got up on the side of the potty to pee (you perch like a bird--we have no idea why, but it's pretty funny), and stopped to turn around, putting your hand behind you in a blocking motion and said, "Dragon, don't push my back." HA! Oh, and when Mimi asked, you said he was orange. Apparently he is a color-changing dragon? :)
We haven't mentioned Dragon much ourselves because we don't want it to become one of those non-stop things, but you do occasionally bring him up while you are playing. When I was your age, I had an imaginary friend named Jorney (no idea where the name came from). One of the stories about Jorney goes that once when your great grandma Pat was curling my hair, she said down the curling iron and I told her not to sit it there because that's where Jorney was!

Hope you all got as big a kick out of this as I have. If not, oh well, maybe it made you smile or giggle a time or two.

Did you or your children have an imaginary friend? Do you think it affected your/their development or creativity?

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