Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cuddle Feet Boutique Review

Welcome to my first official product review post!
*Don't neglect to read this post all the way through--there is an important notice at the bottom of this post! :)

I am extremely excited to be able to tell you about this wonderful WAHM (work-at-home mom) business! I first came across Cuddle Feet Boutique during a Facebook auction. If you are a fan of any type of small business on Facebook, you've probably seen them do some sort of auction or giveaway when they reach a certain number of 'likes.' These auctions usually include items from other small businesses who are trying to spread the news of their product or service. Typically, you 'like' their page for a chance to bid on an item or win a giveaway. This is how I ended up 'liking' Cuddle Feet Boutique's Facebook page.

I didn't end up winning a giveaway during that particular auction, but since I liked her page, I occasionally saw posts of her products and status updates in my Facebook newsfeed. Well, one night, as I was doing my daily newsfeed scroll, I saw one of the cutest little pairs of shoes--Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric flip flops! Even better, the owner of CFB said she had enough fabric for another pair of shoes if anyone was interested. I have to admit, as a teacher and lover of all things adorably cute, I just had to find out more!

The original flip flops that caught my attention. Adorable, right?
With just a few questions--which the owner was very quick to answer thankfully--don't you just hate it when you ask a question and then wait for days for someone to get back to you? I had some custom-made VHC crib shoes in the works!

Now, you might think this was going to be expensive--most hand sewn things are, especially when it comes to the VHC. If you don't believe me, try looking up anything "very hungry caterpillar" on Etsy! I was going to see if I could nab a cloth diaper or dress to match the shoes I bought, but figured out pretty quickly it would be much cheaper for me to just buy the fabric online and make my own (if I ever get brave enough to battle a sewing machine again--love/hate relationship with the one I used the last time I was working on something). Anyway, I am very glad to tell you they were SUPER affordable! I was able to nab mine for $10, with $1.50 shipping, for a total of $11.50. Another perk was the fact that she accepted PayPal (I love being protected in case something goes wrong with an order).

In the midst of all this positiveness about this business, I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive while waiting for my shoes to arrive in the mail. You see, I have ordered/seen handmade items like this online and at craft fairs, etc. quite a bit, and sometimes you wonder why the person put things together the way they did. Either you can see tiny errors everywhere or they don't seem to consider the pattern of the fabric they are using at all. I was hoping I wouldn't get a pair of shoes that had been cut and sewn in such a way that you only saw bits of the caterpillar's tail or head every now and then. I was so pleased when my package arrived and totally blew me away! A lady after my own heart, this one pays attention to such details! First off, she made an adorable coordinating pouch for the shoes (which I now know are included in all crib shoe orders) out of the polka dot print VHC fabric. Secondly (but really first in my list of priorities), she did the most perfect job possible with the fabric print. The backs of each shoe are the polka dot print, but the tops of each shoe have a little caterpillar (each facing inward) and the bottom of each has a full caterpillar. No strange, "chopped up" caterpillars--yay! I was beyond enthused--ecstatic, really. My husband didn't quite get it, but I have trained my 2 year old well enough that I got an "aww, cute!" from him. :)

The adorable crib shoes with coordinating bag
(notice how each foot has the caterpillar facing in--I LOVE the attention to detail!)

A picture featuring one of the shoe bottoms
(both bottoms have an almost complete caterpillar--again, attention to detail=much appreciation and happiness from me!)

***NOTICE!*** Be on the lookout! There is a GIVEAWAY post coming very soon! Cuddle Feet Boutique will be sending a FREE set of crib shoes to one lucky reader! I am so thrilled to be doing my first giveaway post and I can't wait to see the giveaway shoes--I'm sure they'll be completely adorable!

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