Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring has sprung!

...and thankfully so has the Rhea Lana's sale. The public sale starts Sunday, March 25th at the ASU Convocation Center, from 12-9 pm.
I am in desperate need of some spring clothes for Ez, since spring has sprung so early this year. He is currently wearing 18 month clothes (yes, he is 28 months now, the little squirt!) and almost all of his clothes are jeans and long sleeves. I bought him some summer clothes at an outlet last year, but they are all 24 months. I tried to let him wear one of his 24 mo. outfits the other day and he just couldn't keep the pants up, bless his heart! I was able to get him some really cute stuff during the Fall Rhea Lana's sale, including some new GAP pants and Gymboree shirt, some Christmas-themed pajamas, Paul Frank rainboots, brand new Converse All-Star high tops (which Ez was able to wear in my sister's wedding, just like all the big boys) and a St. Louis Cardinals shirt and shortalls set (in all my searching for Cardinals-themed clothes, I had never seen these, so I was pretty psyched). I also scored some cloth diapers (6 for Ez, 6 girly ones--for Ellie now, although I wasn't even expecting at the time--it was just such an incredible deal) and they ended up being great!
In addition to getting Ez some seasonally appropriate clothes that actually fit, I'm also hoping to get some baby gear at great prices. I kept pretty much everything from Ez, but I'd love to find a double jogging stroller (or maybe even a regular double stroller) for the kiddos. I'm also interested in getting a co-sleeper for Ellie. I saw one at the Fall sale, but I wasn't quite ready to buy that big a piece of gear without even being pregnant, ha!
If you are a Consignor, you get to get in early to scope out the deals (both on the regular sale and 1/2 price sale)!
If you want to get in even earlier, you can volunteer to work a shift before, during, or after the sale. Check out this link for volunteer opportunities. Not enough time or not the right times for your schedule available? You can still help! They are always looking for people to bring snacks and food for the workers, and will give you a volunteer pass for bringing something by! Just make sure to contact Lauren (email, beforehand to see about the types of things to bring and when!
Consignors and Volunteers aren't the only lucky ducks to get in early to the sale. Moms-to-be also get in early (Saturday, from 6-10 pm). You can sign up here if you are a mom-to-be so you can get some awesome deals!
If none of these apply to you, don't worry--us early birds won't scoop up all the deals--there are plenty to go around! And, hey, if you know someone who is consigning or volunteering, you may be able to grab a guest pass from them!
Happy shopping! Please let me know about all the awesome deals you find! :)

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