Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am...

alive...but just barely. Just kidding--sort of. Potty training is seriously intense! Read on to see what else "I am..."

tired...It amazes me just how tiring it is to focus every single ounce of your brainpower on an active toddler--but take your eyes (or even your thoughts) off of my little guy for a minute, and you're going to see pee!

desperate...What does it look like outside? Are there trees? Sky? Grass? I'm just kidding again--well, kinda. We did go outside a little bit on Monday and Tuesday, but the neighborhood kids were just way too distracting for him to remember he needed to go to the potty, plus I just about never got him to go back inside! Wednesday was gloomy and rainy (and it looks like today won't be much better) so we stayed inside and watched "Frosty the Snowman" (his choice, not mine--I think he has a new obsession).

alone...Being holed up in the house is not just getting to me, but him too. I think he was so sick of me and all the 'potty talk' Tuesday that he was just about insane, but he seemed better yesterday (I think day 3 of the training was the 'rebellious' stage).

in the trenches...My SIL and I are both in the potty training trenches together right now, but she is across town and even though we occasionally text, we both know we can't do that much or we will be mopping up pee (or worse) in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds)!

suffering from this moment. I have been so tired this week. The majority of accidents occurred when I was at my most tired and least alert. Anyway, I woke up to change Ez since he had wet the bed and couldn't get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried, so I have been up writing this blog entry (and writing a letter, but let's save that one for a later post).

stressed...all I can think is, I am going back to school on Monday...what if he's not potty trained by then?! I don't want him to be one of those kids who takes months to train! If we don't do this now, we never will because we'll have a new baby here and we'll all be crazy! If I was just not working now, I wouldn't have to worry so much....I'm so tired....The baby is so heavy and I hurt so much if I stand up for too long (I think this may be more related to the fact that I've been scooping up a toddler and running for the toilet at 30 weeks pregnant) --how am I supposed to go back to school and teach another two months?! (insert various work stresses here)

calling out...for help. From the Only One who can actually give it. I realize that I haven't been praying over this situation as I should, but it has been hard since my brain is Jello lately. So, I prayed while lying in bed and God told me to get up, write that letter, write this blog, and then go back to bed once my brain finally hushed. more ways than one, ha! My brain has hushed, I am heading back to bed to cuddle with the world's sweetest little boy and pray for a day of potty-related victories, patience, and positive attitudes. I'm going to need it after sacrificing this precious sleep....Then again, I should sleep better now that my spirit has been lifted and my brain has been hushed by The One who hears my call and comforts me in all situations--even potty training a toddler while a few days less than 8 months along with a less than comfortable pregnancy (that's another post in itself--and may never get written)!

Goodbye and goodnight! ...or good nap? :)


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