Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Chapter

So...I'm pretty sure this blog will be schizophrenic. Part crafts, part recipes, and part family updates. But that's ok, you'll forgive me, right? :)

Today is the beginning of me keeping this updated (or so I hope). I am trying to get more organized in all areas of my life--home, teaching, spiritual, etc. Oh, so I guess that's another thing to add to the schizophrenia...sorry! Just try to hang in there with me and maybe you'll read something you like along the way!

The most obvious new chapter right now is our second pregnancy. We have been very blessed to become pregnant again after the miscarriage this summer (more about that here: We are told that this time we will be welcoming a baby girl. I am still not entirely convinced I'm going to have a girl. It honestly just seems too good to be true, since I am get extremely excited over all things girly and have been wishing for someone to put cute ribbons and bows on for so long. I just knew that I would end up with 5 boys and have to live vicariously through nieces and my friends' daughters forever!

We haven't even begun on the nursery yet. I'm still partially afraid to make a super-girly, beautiful room and end up needing to change it when we are surprised by a boy. I know I need to really get started on this, though, so tonight I'm trying to catch up on things around the house so I can get something done, nursery-wise. Luckily, my fabulous mother-in-law, who watches my son during the week, was a sweetheart and cleaned Ezra's room and did some dishes today. Josh did quite a bit of laundry last night in preparation for his ski trip (he went with the church youth group as a chaperone), but it still needs to be folded.

My main priorities tonight are to get Ezra and I fed, finish dishes and laundry, and try to come up with a game plan for the future nursery (our current "spare/junk" room). If you're interested in my nursery ideas, follow me on Pinterest and look at my Girl Nursery Ideas board. We will be doing cherry blossoms, if you can't tell! I really like the idea of aqua walls (plus if we get that, "It's a Boy!" surprise, it won't necessarily have to be repainted). The ideas on my board are about as far as I've gotten so far, but I have already enlisted the help of my Sister In Law to aid in creating the wall decorations.

Tomorrow's goal is to get into my classroom and absolutely work my patootie off until it is more organized. I have needed to do this for so long it is embarrassing, but I have major trouble asking people for help combined with a guilt complex that I don't get to spend enough time with Ezra and Josh already. I've just got to get over it and get in there and try to make some major progress without thinking about those things. Since Josh is out of town, I'm going to let Ezra spend some time with his Nana and Granpoo (Josh's parents--and yes, he came up with grandpa's name) while I get to work. I'm praying for extra energy tomorrow for sure. It's been hard to get things done because I seem to stay tired (even though I have to admit it's not as bad as my 1st trimester fatigue) from work, housework, and wife/mommy duties.

I really hope this didn't seem like I was complaining throughout. We are so very excited to welcome our little girl (due somewhere near May 28th)! And...I've learned if I write something down/share it with others, I am much more likely to get it accomplished, which is where my 'working on myself' complaints come in. I'll try to keep those out from now on, or at least to a minimum. :)

C'est la vie!

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