Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reasons I'm Thankful To Be A Full Time Mom: Late Nights

Reason #1 (as in the first I'm listing, not priority) that I'm glad to be a stay at home mommy--late nights are inevitable when you are a mother of small children!

The following takes place at 3:30 am...

I'm up with a precious boy having growing pains...now he is sleeping peacefully. I'm so thankful that I can comfort him without thinking I have to be up and at work in just a few hours on so little sleep. Nights like this used to have me in tears for both of us, but now I treasure them (I did then too, but it was mixed with guilt from not being able to give him my all and dread for the upcoming morning where I would need to be at my best for 20 something other little people, no matter how much sleep I did it didn't get). I didn't want my baby to feel like he was an inconvenience and I never wanted my students to know I'd had a bad night. I'm glad for the simplicity I have in this season of life...as simple as being a wife, mom of two, and so on, that is... :)

Just a few moments after he fell back asleep, I heard his sister stirring. We went back to bed and I nursed her back to sleep. With a smile. :)

What's your favorite part of being a mom??

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