Saturday, September 21, 2013

"If You Give A..." Unit--Day 3: "If You Give A Moose A Muffin" Part 1

Welcome to day 3 of our "If You Give A..." series by Laura Numeroff Homeschool Unit!

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For Day 3, we read If You Give A Moose A Muffin from the Mouse, Cookies, and More: A Treasury book. I also have an individual paperback copy that I put in Ezra's reading chair in his room (side note: I need to take some pics of his room for the blog).

Click the image to buy the book on Amazon--it's on sale for less than $17!!
Ezra had been dying to use the manipulatives he saw me preparing ahead of time for today, so I let him do one of the learning games next. These Upper and Lower Case Letter Matching Cards were found here. He looked at the upper-case letter above the moose and then clipped a clothespin onto the coordinating lower-case letter muffin. I was in for a major surprise--he got EVERY letter right, except one. He had trouble figuring out which was the lower-case 'Q' and he did question the lower-case 'B,' but I showed him a few tips (covering up the top loop of the upper-case 'B' makes it look like the lower-case one and the loops go in the same direction) and he was able to do it.

Almost done!
We had Music Time in the living room and did two fun songs from the Treasury CD. "Making Muffins" was more of a chant than a song. During this song/chant, you do lots of fun motions to 'make muffins,' like scooping the flour, sprinkling in the sugar, and putting on your boots (when you need to go pick berries for your jam). "Doin' The Moose" is a hilarious song that asks you to make moose antlers with your hands and dance around. I tried desperately to get a good picture of the kids dancing, but Ezra was just moving waaaaay to fast!

Of course, we needed to make muffins! I pinned this extremely easy recipe on Pinterest a few days ago. I had a big can of Libby's pumpkin that I bought for something last year and didn't get around to, so I doubled the recipe. All you need is a 15 oz. can of pumpkin, a white cake mix (I used Pillsbury white cake mix--it was $1), and a cup of chocolate chips. Since I had the big can of pumpkin, we doubled the recipe and it made about 46 muffins.

I have to say, these are about the most wonderful things I've ever baked!! They melted in your mouth and they tasted like Autumn, love, home, and happiness!!

They may or may not be almost gone now... (a day later)...

A double batch filled two of these containers and then some.

We aren't done with Mr. Moose just yet, but that was what we fit into the first day of If You Give A Moose A Muffin!

On the agenda: making sock puppets, more learning games, and more dancing and reading!

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