Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vacation Flashback: 2010 and now

So, this morning, I was looking through my old posts and found this one from 2010 that never got published. This was when I originally started this blog and then didn't end up using it. It was right before I started teaching and then had no time whatsoever for anything but surviving (new teachers will understand). Anyway, thought I'd share. I can't believe how much Ezra has grown! I remember they didn't make swim diapers in his size (since he was/is such a squirt). Our 18 month old niece wasn't even a thought yet on this trip, and this time we'll be going with 4 kiddos and another is on the way (for a couple that didn't exist this first Mary Esther trip)!
 We went back to this house last year and are going back again this year! 
I'm ready for the boys to swim in the pool all day, get water-logged, and take long naps. I'm ready to sit in the shade and eat a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and sip orange juice with my wonderful in-laws, complete with a new daughter in my lap. I'm ready to dress said daughter in a tiny bathing suit and sun hat. I'm ready for Ezra to build a sandcastle on the beach. I'm ready to go on a very cheap date (possibly a free one where we just walk around for a while and talk) with my amazing husband--or at least a walk on the beach if the kiddos won't allow time for the other. I'm ready for Josh to dip Eliana's toes in the ocean and make her cry like he did with Ezra (I don't want this in a mean way, I am just ready for her to get to experience some of the things her brother has--and maybe she won't cry since she won't only be 2 weeks old like Ezra was).
Um, basically, I'm ready to have a sweet baby girl and take her and my boys to one of the most relaxing places--vacation with our family. Not a lot of people can say that's one of their most relaxing places, I'll bet! :) I'm pretty blessed in that area.

The original post (from Vacation 2010)
We are currently on vacation in Mary Esther, Florida (located between Nevarre and Destin). We have been having such a wonderful time! It has really been a God thing that we could even be here. He worked through all the schedules of the family and found a date we were all available, and worked to help us find the perfect house for a great price!
We have spent the last few days swimming, shopping, and just enjoying being with family. I have especially enjoyed the fact that I can shop this year! We have always lived on a shoestring budget, but now I have a teaching job, so I can buy some things we needed. :)
I have found some great deals on clothes for me and Ezra has gotten some cool stuff too. I LOVE outlet malls!! I have his first birthday present covered now, thanks to deals on clothes and shoes.
Ezra and Jack both love the pool. They are going to be wondering where their pool is when we get home! They are also going to be so spoiled after having all these people to give them attention (and bites of their food). ;)
Here is a shot of the house where we are staying:

Josh and Ez in the pool--this smile makes my heart melt!
(caption added today-2012) :)

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